WINNING PROPOSAL· international competition Designing for Free Speech, New York (2014) · in collaboration with MMASA

A.M.U.D. was one of the winner projects of the contest organized by Theatrum Mundi in New York, with Richard Sennett and Teddy Cruz among others as jury. The proposal was exhibited in the Center for Architecture of American Institute of Architecture.

The “Adaptable Machine for urban demonstration” borns in the New Yorker’s neighborhoods.
It is a symbol built on workshops and fablabs by the general intellect.
It is free, common and it is always evolving.
It is the materialization of the general desire of social change.
It is the “Trojan horse” of the digital fabrication era.
It is the gypsy caravan and the citizen parade that travels from demonstration to demonstration.
It flows around New York celebrating the first amendment and willing to achieve the metropolitan nodes where it is going to be erected as a city´s freedom of speech symbol.
It is an urban plugin that enables public space to be a meeting point, a notice board, a lunch break area, a free market, a cinema, a concert hall, a graffiti wall, an assembly area, a workshop, a classroom,…
All in all it is an architectural device that boosts communication and encourages decision making in different urban scales as well, everything in a decentralized and horizontally way.
It is part of the city.
It is part of the citizens.
It is the beginning of the change.